GeoMod 2021

Poster presentations

Poster presentations are both live and off-line at everyone’s convenience. Live presentations are at the end of every morning session during the “poster train” and in the afternoons during the “topical poster sessions”  following the daily programme.


Off-line posters

Posters are accessible in dedicated “Expo” booths for 72 hours. People can interact through asking questions in the chat, answering polls, registering their interest, and scheduling a meeting with the presenter.

To facilitate a personal introduction of the poster outside the live sessions, a link is included to the 2-minute poster pitch below the Google Slides. This video in mp4 format needs to be uploaded to this folder by both on-site or online presenters.


Poster pitch

For the “pitch your poster session”, we will create a poster train, where each presentation (max 2 slides) is limited to exactly 2 minutes. On-site presenters will go first and present their 2 slides live (upload your PowerPoint slides to this folder). Online presenters are required to pre-record their pitch as a video (mp4 format) and upload their pitch to this folder by 17 September 2021. 


Interactive poster presentation

Your poster will be up on-site throughout the day of your presentation. Your poster will be shown on a 49” inch screen (LED; Samsung QM49H, 3840 x 2160, i.e., in landscape mode). The screen is connected to a laptop, which provides the video and audio interaction with the online audience. Live interactions will be switched on at least during the afternoon poster session, when we require presenters to be in their Expo booth to present their poster.

Note that all presenters MUST be live at their scheduled presentation times! Moreover, online presenters should be present half an hour prior to their scheduled presentation slot. During this coffee break staff on-site will pass from screen to screen to help you setup your own screen view.

Interactive topical poster presentations consist of a maximum of 10 slides, which need to be included on Google Slides (native PowerPoint format) using the personal link send on September 14. That e-mail also contains detailed instructions on the 2 or 3 documents we need to setup your poster presentation in an optimal, hybrid manner. Detailed instructions on the slide formatting are available on this Google Slides presentation.

If you would like us to setup a poll in your poster booth, please send the question(s) and the possible answers the audience can chose to


For Technical instructions please click here.