GeoMod 2021

Conference format

Conference format:    

GeoMod2021 will be organized as hybrid (on-site/on-line) conference. All oral presentations at GeoMod2021 are key note presentations and by invitation only. The program allows ample time for in-depth discussions during and outside plenary sessions. On-line participants will be able to watch key note lecturers live, while interacting in the on-site discussions, and during the rest of the conferences at convenience for any time zone and shortly after. They will also be able to join interactively in hybrid poster discussions featuring on-site, large monitors.

The strong focus on poster presentations is meant to stimulate discussions and interactions among participants. To facilitate this process, all posters will only be displayed digitally, on large 49-inch monitors, which are coupled to laptops with build-in camera’s to visually connect the presenter, the participants standing in front of the poster and online participants. Due to the limited number of large monitors, we can only guarantee one poster per person. Posters will be displayed at dedicated time-slots (see programme).

Poster presentations will be shown to the audience at the end of every morning session during the “pitch your poster session” and during the “topical poster sessions” in the afternoons following the daily programme. For the “pitch your poster session”we will create a poster train, where each presentation (max 2 slides) is limited to exactly 2 minutes.Online presentersare requested to pre-record their pitch as a video(mp4 format) and upload their pitch tothis folderpreferably by15 September 2021, but no later than 17 September 2021.Similarly, we askonsite presentersto upload their pitch slides (PowerPoint or mp4 video format) to the same folder.  

Interactive topical poster presentations consist of a maximum of 8 slides (PowerPoint or Google Slides format ONLY! Pre-recorded videos are not possible in this case), where the first slide provides a continuous display overview of the entire research. The next seven slides are details of the research or additional display material, e.g., 7 (paper) figures with a take-home message. You may choose between these two options preferably by 15 September 2021, but no later than 17 September 2021.

Keynote and Evening lectures 

  1. Please prepare your presentation as usual for any on-site conference; 
  1. Online participants: you may either screen-share your presentation in any format you wish, or the organizers may screen-share the presentation for you. In the latter case please upload your presentation in PowerPoint format (one file only) to this folder and notify the organizers at no later than 18 September 2021.