GeoMod 2021


Sessions: Keynote and Evening Lectures and Poster Train

Left Menu -> Sessions

These scheduled sessions take place at the on-site main stage and are moderated sessions on Hopin. They will be run by the moderators and conveners on-site and are largely similar to online settings such as in MS Teams or Zoom. Moderators have to allow online attendees to share their audio and video.


  • How to interact?  

To ask the moderators to share your video, please click “Share Audio and Video”.

To optimize hybrid interactions, we request online attendees to share their video, but to remain muted. Through displaying the Hopin window on-site up to 20 online attendees can screen share their video and be visible for the on-site audience. After the 30-minute presentation a 10-minute Q&A sessions is scheduled.

If you have a question or comment, please write “I have a question” in the “Q&A” under the “Session” tab.

  • Note that the “Chat” and “Event” parts is normally NOT monitored by the convener
  • Also note that the right column has two main tabs “Event”, whose Chat’s and Q&A’s can be seen by all people in the event, and “Session”, which can be seen only by those within this session. Be sure to check if you write in the one you intend to.

The convener will oversee the discussion and start with questions from attendees onsite. Be ready to share your Audio (and Video) ones the convener gives the word to online attendees as well.


  • How to present?

Please prepare your presentation as usual for any conference. You may screen share it following the instructions below.

We also ask both onsite and online keynote speakers to upload your presentation using your surname as filename to this folder as early as possible and ideally before September 18. This enables us to screenshare your presentation in case something goes wrong when delivering the presentation online.

We also ask onsite and online presenters to test their presentation 15 minutes prior to the start of their session block with the moderators.

Ones in the session, presenters should first follow the same step to “Share their Audio and Video” and wait for approval of the moderator.

Presenters may then screen share their presentation through clicking the “screen share” button at the bottom of the black screen. Note that we recommend to only share your application or browser tab to enlarge your slides.

Alternatively, the moderator can screen-share the presentation for the presenter. Upon uploading your presentation to this folder, please send an e-mail to to inform us of that. In the latter case there is no pointer, and you are asked to your indications live to the moderator (“next slide please”).


  • How to convene?

The lead convener is always present on-site at the stage and has a good overview of the on-site and online audience through the Q&A tab. (S)he invites questions first from the on-site audience to give the online audience time to type their interest to participate in the Q&A.

The co-convener (potentially on-line) can remain unmuted throughout the Q&A session and is encouraged to stimulate discussions as well.


Check out Expo / Poster instructions.